What is a Residential sneaker proxies and why I need them?

A proxy hides your real IP address, so the sneaker website can't find out who is making the request. You must do this if you want to buy more than one pair of sneakers.

When will I receive my account after the purchase?

Delivery of login credentials to your email is instant. If you haven't received your proxy username and password in 15 minutes after the payment was cleared, get in touch with us via live chat or at support@proxylon.com and we will sort it out.

Why do I need to use Residential proxies for copping?

Although data center proxies provide higher speeds, they are unfortunatelly banned on most sites. The ban may not be instant, but it will take a very low amount of requests before your data center proxies are flagged and access is restricted. Residential proxies are a bit slower, but since they look like regular residential connections like the one you have at home or on your mobile, they are extremely difficult to ban. This is why Residential proxies work on almost any site, and the checkout rate then highly depends on the software/bot you are using, and what kind of strategy and safety features it employs.

What to do if my proxies are not working?

The first step is to check if you still have data available. Sometimes proxies stop working simply because your plan limit has been reached. If that's not the case, we recommend checking proxies with multiple proxy testers. If they all return some kind of error, get in touch with us via live chat or by sending us an email via support@proxylon.com. The more information you provide about the problem, the easier it is for us to identify and fix the issue.

What proxy authorization format do you use?

You will receiver username and password (USER:PASS). Using proxy generator in Mission Control (client dashboard), you can create list of proxies to use in your software or bot. The tool will give you proxies in this format: IP:PORT:USER:PASS

What is the difference between "Sticky" and "Rotating" proxies?

Sticky proxies hold 1 IP (proxy) constantly while Rotating proxies change their IP every request. The best way is to use sticky proxies and replace them after some time. This will ensure that all requests to sneaker website will be made from the same IP, including load all side assets such as Javascript code and images. After a successful purchase, you should switch to a new sticky IP to prevent bans.

What is the best location to use?

Ideally you should use proxies from locations that are close the sneaker website. If the drop is at Footlocker US, you should use North American proxies, i.e. USA, Canada and Mexico. You may have success with using proxies from other countries, but it may be limited.