AIO Bot v2 Review

Even if you are just starting in the world of sneaker copping, you must have already heard of All in One Bot, more commonly known as the original AIO Bot. The term “AIO Bot” has become quite generic in the past few and is often used to describe any sneaker bot. The AIO Bot we are talking about in this review AIO Bot developed by Another Nike Bot (ANB). 

In this article we are going to review AIO Bot and help you figure out if it is the best choice for your particular use case. 

All in One Bot is one of the most popular sneaker bots in the market. With its top notch copping success, it has helped thousands of sneaker lovers to snatch a pair or two of freshly released kicks. It has been used to cop over 300,000 pairs of sneakers and the number is still growing.

The current version in the market is actually known as AIO Bot v2 . AIO Bot is made by the same people who created Another Nike Bot (ANB), and it has excellent customer support. The company operates their own Discord server and has some good features like multiple task modes and the Harvester, which lets you automatically generate Captcha tokens.

AIO Bot Pros

Supports multiple websites out of the box

As the name suggests, AIO Bot supports a great number of sites. In total the software is able to handle 74 websites, which is likely to be the highest among all-in-one-type bots. This in fact means that you do not need to purchase multiple bots to cop from many sites as AIO Bot V2 will cover most of them. 

AIO Bot supports Adidas sites (US, Australia, and Europe), Foot sites (like Footlocker, Footaction, Eastbay), a good number of Shopify stores (including Kith, Bodega, Yeezy Store, BBranded, and others), Mesh sites (SizeCo, JDsport, Footpatrol) and even other popular sites like Finishline, Mr Porter, Jimmy Jazz, Offspring, SneakersNStuffs, among many others. AIO Bot even provides site-specific features such as Shopify Queue Bypass and Footsites Captcha Bypass.

It can be that if the bot supports so many websites, it is actually subpar in performance compared to dedicated bots. With AIO Bot v2 that is not the case. The creators of this bot provide regular updates to make sure every supported site works as perfectly as intended. 

Built for multitasking

AIO Bot bot comes with multithreaded support. This multithreaded capability gives it the ability to multitask - you can set the bot to cop multiple pairs by creating separate tasks for each pair and they will run all at the same time. Each of the tasks will run on a different thread without one interfering with another, essentially increasing the speed.

Easy to use

AIO Bot v2 is very easy to start using. After installing the application, you only need to get a few things to tweak to get it to work. All you need to do is upload your login details for the site you want to cop sneakers from, enter proxy information, payment and shipping details, and you are pretty much done. The last real step is to choose a cop site, pick a sneaker, enter the required details, and then put it to work.

Convenient features

AIO Bot has a lot of built-in features that sometimes are missing from dedicated sneaker bots. Two of the most outstanding benefits that highly increase your chances at the checkout are the Link Monitor and the Product Keyword Search. Product Keyword Search helps you search for the keyword of sneakers prior to their release so that you can create tasks for them before the drop begins. The Link Monitor checks when a particular sneaker has been dropped and adds it to cart to begin checkout procedure.

Importantly, in order to prevent bans, the bot comes with a proxy support feature that helps you avoid detection when copping more than one pair of the sneakers. The bot also has Auto Retry features that will try to make the purchase even if the website stopped responding or crashed.

AIO Bot Cons

High price

There is no way around it - the AIO Bot v2 is not cheap. There are no subscriptions, you just pay the full price of $325 and the bot is yours forever. For this price you also get 6 months of free updates. After that, you will need to cash out $69 every half a year to get subsequent updates. The licence only allows one PC, which means that if you want to use another one down the road, you will have to buy an additional license for $200.

There are also no free trials or refunds. You are not able to try out the software first, and if you paid the price and did not like the product - the problem is on you. This in a sense makes the copping market more exclusive and more difficult to enter. That is just the way it is.

Works natively on Windows only

AIO Bot v2 is natively developed for Windows OS. You can run it on Mac or Linux too, but you will need to run a virtual machine and still install Windows. This might not be very easy for inexperienced coppers, and might bring another set of expenses.

No Supreme support

Even though it is an all-in-one bot, there is no support for the Supreme site. ANB actually have developed a dedicated bot just for Supreme and sells it separately as the Supreme Bot. It costs $99.

Bottom line

The price might scare you, but AIO Bot is one of the best on the market. You might find a bot that performs better than AIO Bot, but you will have to test it yourself. Which means that a couple of misfortunes can put you off of copping business. No unsuccessful sneaker release may cost you a lot, so $325 price does not seem that high. The bot is also very well maintained, has a big, active community which will help you along the way.

Proxylon Score: 9/10