What are Sneaker Proxies?

A sneaker proxy is a proxy that specifically built and designed to work best with sneaker websites, such as Yeezy, Footlocker, Adidas, Nike, Shopify, and others. These proxies enable sneaker fans to buy multiple pairs of the limited-edition shoes. 

Sneakers proxies can be both residential and data center-based. The proxies we sell at Proxylon are 100% residential. Data center proxies work is some cases, but as the experience shows, residential proxies are much more reliable in the long run and at scale. To increase your chances at copping sneakers, either a single purchase, or multiple pairs, residential sneaker proxies significantly reduce the risk of getting blocked.

Most important thing for sneakers proxies is the quality of IPs and the size of available pool. If proxies are used by many customers, if they do a lot of traffic to sneaker websites, they can be much more easily flagged and blocked. If you have used other providers in the past and ended up here at Proxylon, chances are that one of the drivers was the quality of proxy pool.

Speed and response time is also important, as waiting for a long time uses bot resources and thus reducing the number of queue entries you are able to maintain. That said, you can have the fastest proxies in the world, but if they have been abused and got flagged by the sneaker website, they are as good as nothing.

Always make sure you get the highest quality of sneaker proxies. Test them before committing, check their speeds, and find out if you are able to access sneaker website with these proxies before the actual sneaker drop. That will save you money, time, and sanity.